Services We Offer

Full Groom

For dogs that require full grooms or Deshedding. Full grooms include:

  • $Full health check
  • $Two washes using shampoo suited to your dogs skin and coat type
  • $Blow dry and brush out
  • $Haircut and style
  • $Ear and eye clean
  • $Paw, nail and sanitary trim
  • $Deodorizing Paw fume to finish

Teeth Cleaning

We offer the Emmi pet ultrasonic teeth cleaning system. It is silent and vibration free, reducing the risk of damaging the gums by scrubbing with a normal tooth brush. Having healthy teeth and good oral care will not only benefit your dogs oral health but their overall health too.
By removing plaque and Tatar regularly it will help reduce the risk of Gingivitis, periodontitis and other dental disease.

Teeth cleaning includes:

  • $A Free consultation
  • $A Teeth cleaning trail to ensure your dog will accept the teeth cleaning process
  • $Deep cleaning session 45 mins to 1 hour session Then Maintenance sessions no longer than 8 weeks apart

These sessions can be added on to your groom or as a stand-alone treatment. 

Dental plans will be discussed before hand as some dogs will require additional teeth cleaning sessions. 

Mini Makeover

Ideal for in-between grooms to help maintain coat and prevent knots, also great for dogs with shorter coats. Mini makeover includes:

  • $Health check
  • $ Bath with shampoo suited to your dogs coat and skin
  • $Blow dry and brush
  • $ Eye and ear clean
  • $Paw and nail trim
  • $Finished off with pawfume
  • *Please note - Mini makeovers are not suitable any longer than 4 weeks after your groom.

VIP Spa Package

  • $Free consultation and health check
  • $ Two luxury shampoo treatments
  • $ A natural aromatherapy shampoo to soothe and hydrate
  • $Blueberry facial and relaxing head massage
  • $Luxury Deep Conditioning deshedding mud treatment for shorter coats
  • $Luxury deep conditioning keratin treatment with a lovely relaxing massage for longer coats
  • $Warm doggy robe with a relaxing break while the conditioning treatment works it’s magic
  • $Blow dry and brush out ready for styling
  • $Nail and paw trim. Conditioning nose and paw balm treatment
  • $Breath freshener
  • $Luxury deodorising pawfume

 Puppy Academy

 Our Puppy Academy is suitable from 12-14weeks old up to 6 months old which includes 4 sessions, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks, 24 weeks.
We gradually increase what we do each session until we reach your puppy’s first full groom.

  • $Full health check
  • $Gentle bath with a natural puppy shampoo
  • $Gentle blow dry and brush
  • $Pad and nail trim
  • $Gentle ear clean
  • $Face trim
  • $Sanitary trim if required

In the later sessions desensitisation to clippers and scissors ready for their first full groom at 6 months old. Sessions can be pre-booked and prepaid to guarantee availability. Four week schedule only.

What People Say

Trevelyne Marie Lewis
Trevelyne Marie Lewis
Very good appointments system. Always polite and gives good service. My dog always looks immaculate after his grooms.
Wendy Phoenix
Wendy Phoenix
Always does a lovely job of grooming my shih tzu every one remarks on how lovely she looks afterwards
Susan Dore
Susan Dore
Fantastic place and very friendly staff.
bill williams
bill williams
Iv been taking Simba to Hayley for 5 years now very happy with every groom and Hayley is very caring and patient with simba as he can be challenging around his face. I would highly recommend Hayleys Happy Paws.
Victoria Hemming
Victoria Hemming
One of the best, caring patient and kind. Can trust her with your dogs
Kev S
Kev S
Great groomers and customer service to match! Mystic Lady or KAREN, you followed the goomer by "their request"? How ridiculous that sounds, Im sure your a big enough girl to make your own choices in life, my guess is you followed because you were happy with the job they did? I don't believe these girls would leave anyone "high and dry", sounds like you weren't able to get the exact time and date you wanted so now you have thrown a paddy and stamping your feet, this just goes to show they have many customers they are trying to please and not willing to disappoint other customers for one Karen, you are no more entitled than any other customer, I advise you give your head a good wobble! Keep up the good work girls and don't listen to Mystic Karen.